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Surfaces & Traction

Why it's important and what to consider.

Photo of a women's soccer player waist down, sprinting on field dribbling ball, wearing IDA Rise women's white soccer cleats.

Speed Up Your Game: 6 Sprinting Exercises for Female Soccer Players in Summer Preseason Training

As summer approaches, we KNOW you’re already thinking about preseason in August and you’re gearing up for a summer of training to elevate their game to the next level. Whether you’re still in summer vacay mode, or already into training, one important area to make sure you incorporate into preseason prep is sprint training, which helps enhance speed, agility, and overall performance on the field. 

The Definitive Guide to Keeping Your White Soccer Cleats Sparkling Clean

The Definitive Guide to Keeping Your White Soccer Cleats Sparkling Clean

With the right techniques and a little bit of effort, you can keep your white soccer cleats looking as good as new. By following these simple steps and maintaining a regular cleaning routine, you'll ensure that your prized possessions continue to sparkle on the field for many games to come.

Youth girls soccer player wearing IDA women's soccer cleats

The Ultimate Guide: Why Soccer Parents Should Invest in Women's Specific Soccer Cleats for Their Daughters

For soccer parents, ensuring your daughters have the right gear is crucial for their performance and safety on the field. It’s crazy to think that the choice of soccer cleats...
How should my soccer cleats fit?

How should my soccer cleats fit?

One crucial aspect that contributes significantly to a player’s performance is the fit of their soccer cleats. Wearing the right pair of cleats not only enhances comfort but also improves traction, reduces the risk of injuries, and ultimately elevates your game. 
Close up photo of a woman tying her black soccer cleats on a turf field.

What shoes do you wear for indoor soccer?

From casual adult leagues to competitive club soccer, the question of what shoes to wear for indoor soccer comes up a lot.

How to Find the Right Size Soccer Cleats

How to Find the Right Size Soccer Cleats

Right after “do I really need women’s cleats”, the next question we get asked the most is “How do I find the right size cleats?”.  And lucky for you, we’re...
How to Treat Blisters from Soccer Cleats

How to Treat Blisters from Soccer Cleats

Oh, blisters. Nothing makes preseason worse. The double sessions and conditioning practices are hard enough. But adding to that a nasty blister from your brand new cleats? The worst.  So...
Dr. Nicole Surdyka wearing a tshirt, shorts, and black cap, stands on a soccer field coaching female soccer players.

#AskIDA: Return to Play and Injury Recovery with Dr. Nicole Surdyka

Last year we hosted our first “Ask IDA” webinar  with Dr. Karli Richardson around female physiology and injury considerations. We’ve turned it into a quarterly series about topics related to the female athlete experience, and we kicked off 2023 with Dr. Nicole Surdyka to discuss injury recovery considerations.

5 (More) of the Best Fitness Drills For Soccer We Love to Hate

5 (More) of the Best Fitness Drills For Soccer We Love to Hate

If you’re gearing up for a new soccer season, tired of the same old fitness drills, but ready to get back into shape… we’ve got you covered with 5 more fitness drills we love and love to hate.

BA Caitlin Robba playing in the FA NFS

5 Goalkeeper Fitness Drills

This article describes five drills to keep goalkeepers fit in and out of season with a focus on agility, explosiveness, diving endurance, acceleration, and reaction time and quick recovery.
What is the FIFA 11+ Warm Up and why is it important for soccer players?

What is the FIFA 11+ Warm Up and why is it important for soccer players?

One of the most commonly used and standardized warmups for soccer players is the FIFA 11+ which, according to the FIFA Medical Assessment and Research Centre (F-MARC), has been proven in multiple research studies to reduce injuries and enhance performance. It is especially relevant for female athletes age 13-18 who are at greater risk of major injury such as ACL tears.

Graphic showing 4 types of soccer cleats. A 2G Turf shoe with lots of little studs, the Ida Classica women's soccer cleat for 3G Turf fields, the Ida Centra women's soccer cleat for FG firm ground fields, and a generic soft ground SG soccer cleat.

Surfaces & Traction on the Soccer Field

From grass to turf, field types can have a huge impact on not just your technical and tactical approach to the game, but also your comfort and safety. The type of surface you’re playing on, and the condition it’s in, can increase the risk of injury among female athletes. So what do we know about the various field types and how can we ensure we’re wearing the best footwear for each surface? Keep reading! 

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