Right after “do I really need women’s cleats”, the next question we get asked the most is “How do I find the right size cleats?”. 

And lucky for you, we’re here to answer that second question. 

Finding the right pair of soccer cleats is a courtship that should lead to a long happy marriage. If that’s the analogy we’re going with, then shopping online for soccer cleats may feel a lot like online dating. 

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How well can you really know someone without meeting them in person? How well can you really choose the right size, style, and fit of a soccer cleat that you haven’t tried on in person? 

We’re here to help. Consider us your soccer cleat matchmaker. Ok, first things first…

What if you get the wrong size or the fit just isn’t right for your foot?

That's ok! We offer seamless returns and exchanges for you to find your perfect IDAs. We also understand that every foot is different and our boots just might not be for you right now.

We also hope you’re shopping for new soccer cleats before the old ones wear and tear, as this is an important part of avoiding blisters

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OK, so order early and exchange if you need, but really… we’re here to help you order the right size and fit on the first try. That’s what we both want.

Naomi from IDA team and former San Diego Wave goalkeeper Carly Telford hold a pair of black women's soccer cleats to try on

How we recommend picking the right size soccer cleats

  1. Try the Fit Finder
    Once you know which IDAs are for you, head to that product page to use the "Fit Finder". Select the green "Find your Fit" before adding to your cart, to help you compare IDA’s cleats to some more familiar cleats on the market in terms of material, weight, sizing, and aesthetic. It’s not a guarantee for a perfect fit, but it’s a pretty good starting point if you have no idea what to expect from IDA’s women’s soccer cleats.

  2. Measure the length of your foot
    Check out the IDA Size Guide with simple step-by-step instructions on how to get the length of your foot (cm) and then locate that length on our size chart available in US, UK, EU, and CM sizes. You’re probably more used to a world of “sizing down” from “unisex” *cough cough men’s* cleats so don’t forget that our size chart is WOMEN’S sizes. What women's size do you wear in other non-soccer shoes? That's a good place to start! 

  3. Download and Print
    Don’t trust your own ruler or measuring skills? We gotchu. Download, print, and step on this handy foot-measuring guide. Make sure it’s printed to scale on the correct size paper! It will feel just like being in a store, without all the pressure to hurry up and make a decision because the line of customers is growing. 


Ultimately... trust your judgment.
If the above steps spit out a shoe size that doesn’t seme right or is way different than any size you’ve ordered in other shoes before, maybe trust your judgment and go with the size your used to. 

Properly fitting footwear is about more than just length after all. That’s exactly why we’ve rejected the “shrink it and pink it” industry standard for women’s soccer cleats. It’s about toe box shape, heel cup width, arch support, and yes, even “vibes”. The “know it when you feel it” feeling. (yes, we’re back to the marry your boots analogy)

So leave time to take your time in the soccer cleat buying journey. Find the cleat that feels like an extension of you. And never settle. Because you deserve a boot that loves you back. 

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