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How We Work with Clubs

Want to bring IDA to your club? Check out the ways we can work together and reach out below!



We are happy to share content, educational resources, or host a webinar with the coaches, players, and parents at your club. Curious about how men's and women's feet are different? Or wondering what to look for in supportive footwear? We got you!


We aren't able to support club sponsorships at this time, but if you want to earn money for your club (i.e. a scholarship program, gear fund), you can join the IDA Affiliate Program!

Close up shot of a player wearing the IDA Spirit white indoor soccer shoes while folding back the tongue of the shoe to reveal the text "You Got This".


Do you know a player that has recently suffered a season-ending ACL injury? Let us know and we'll send them a little something to boost their spirits.

Club Try-Ons

As a small team, we aren't able to support a try-on at every club everywhere (yet!), but depending on where you are, reach out and we may be able to make a visit.

Reach out!