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The "ACL Club" is an unofficial and unfortunate social club that's commonly joked about in women and girls' soccer teams around the world. It has become one of those "laugh so we don't cry" type clubs, because female athletes are suffering ACL injuries at a rate 4-8x more likely than male athletes.

That's a lot of time on the sidelines and not enough is being done.

But WHY is this the case? The most common "explanation" you will hear is that it's down to anatomical differences. While anatomy is part of it, other contributing factors are neuromuscular, hormonal, environmental (like training programs or field conditions), physical, and yes, footwear.

The only consensus around ACL injuries is that more research and education is needed. We at IDA are doing everything in our power to design with female biomechanics and optimal traction in mind. We're also trying to spread the word around ways to better support your body on the field!

While we can never truly PREVENT injuries in sports, we want female athletes to know that we're here for you. Not just on the field, but off it.

You Got This. We Got You.

Coaches, Parents, Players...

If you're reading this, you likely know a player who's suffered a season-ending ACL injury. We're sorry you're here, but glad you found us. Fill out some basic information at the form above, and we will send a free pair of IDA socks to lift your player's spirits! Plus check out some of the resources below.

More Resources

What is the FIFA 11+ Warm Up and why is it important for soccer players?

The importance of a good warmup can’t be understated though. But just what type of warmup is actually effective at getting you ready to play and can it reduce your risk of injury? 

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Surfaces & Traction on the Soccer Field

From grass to turf, field types can have a huge impact on not just your technical and tactical approach to the game, but also your comfort and safety. The type of surface you’re playing on, and the condition it’s in, can increase the risk of injury among female athletes.

So what do we know about the various field types? And how can we ensure that we are wearing the best footwear for each surface?

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Female Athlete Physiology and Injury Risk

Whether you are a player, coach, parent, or administrator in the game, it’s important to understand the factors that contribute to potential injuries. Female athletes are 4-8 times more likely to tear the ACL than male counterparts and not enough is being done! The first place to start is understanding the risk factors and then taking steps to address them.

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Even more resources...

Looking for even more resources on ACL recovery? Check out another great organization sharing resources.