Who is Ida Sports?

At our core, we exist to prioritize high performance and comfortable footwear for athletes who have traditionally been an afterthought. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or an elite athlete, we believe you should have greater choice and access to the best equipment when you step onto the field. So how did it all start? At the top of a mountain.

Meet Laura

Our co-founder, Laura Youngson, is a STEM advocate, TED speaker, and four-time Guinness World Record Holder. After completing her physics degree at Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship in Melbourne, she worked at the 2012 London Olympics and was immediately drawn to the power sport had in bringing people together. She’s always held a desire to make a lasting mark in sport somehow and set out to do just that.


In 2017, Laura led a group of women to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro to play a record-breaking football match with Equal Playing Field and highlight gender inequalities in sport. During the quest to play the highest altitude football match ever, Laura discovered a common problem facing female players all over the world: their boots were made for men (or kids) and left their feet in pain long after the final whistle blew.


Back home reading medical journals like a boss, Laura realised women were putting themselves at risk of injury when they were wearing boots that weren’t made for them. It turns out that women’s feet are shaped differently to men’s.


Laura met eventual co-founder, and former professional cricketer, Ben Sandhu while playing indoor football in Melbourne. Between scoring epic team goals, they would talk about the things they would change around women’s sport including creating a shoe for women. They decided to team up and change the game.


Laura and Ben assembled a team of football and footwear professionals to identify what would make the perfect women's boot. The first prototypes were cooked up in Laura’s kitchen and put together with the help of shoemakers in Melbourne. It’s now affectionately known as the “Frankenshoe”.


In 2018, Laura and Ben traveled to Jordan with Equal Playing Field to break the Guinness World Record for the lowest altitude match at the Dead Sea. It was there that they tested prototypes with amateur and professional athletes alike. They said they were the most comfortable boots they'd ever worn.


Fast forward to 2020 and Ida Sports was ready to launch their first boot. Global pandemic aside, it was a massive success and the boots garnered 5-star reviews from players all over the globe.


So what’s next? More innovation, more options, more footwear. We’re here to listen to athletes, advocate for more research in the women’s game, and ultimately give players more options when it comes to comfortable, quality, and well-fitting footwear. You’re entitled to high performance and comfortable gear and we’re here to help.
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