Calling all boot nerds and cleat geeks! We’re here to give you a little more insight into what’s new with our latest Spring 2024 drop. From structure to style, there are some changes to get excited about and Emelia, Laura, and Alex from the IDA design team have the deets. 

Ok, first things first… there’s now a Rise Elite and Rise Club! That’s new. What’s the main differences between the two? 

The Rise Elite is designed for speed and ball control through a lightweight fit. These boots incorporate WAVEKNIT technology, including a knitted sock upper with engineered weave patterns, which allows for comfort and a snug fit around the foot. These materials in the upper are the biggest difference between the Rise Elite and Rise Club.

Meanwhile, the Rise Club has a tongue construction (rather than a knit sock construction) which allows for a more adjustable fit. With this shoe, you can open up the laces and tongue, easily slip in your foot, and secure your foot in the shoe by fastening the laces as needed. The Rise Club also has additional cushioning around the collar of the shoe, where it sits under your ankle, allowing for even more comfort. 

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Do the Rise Elite and Rise Club fit differently? Is one wider than the other?

With testing, we found our Rise Elite has a slightly roomier toebox when compared to the Rise Club. This is due to the added layers of cushioning within the Rise Club versus the slimmed down feel of the Rise Elite. That being said, due to the tongue construction of the Rise Club, it may be able to better accommodate a wider foot due to the ability to loosen up the laces. If you have a narrow foot or like a really snug feel of the boot, you might be able to go down a half size in the Rise Elite.

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What’s WAVEKNIT mean for the IDA Rise Elite? 

The materials of the Rise Elite’s upper, now known as our WAVEKNIT technology, have changed quite a bit from our previous Rise model in order to provide a shoe that moves better with the female athlete. The Rise Elite is easier to flex and feels much lighter on the foot. Also, the height of the sock has been taken down a little and restructured to better hug the foot and ankle. All in all this means lightweight material, improved comfort, and strike zones!

What does WMNSFIT+ mean?

This is our signature last that is designed specifically for the female foot. We build the shoe and all of its components, including the heel cup, around this last in order to best support the female foot.

WMNSFIT+ is for our WAVEKNIT cleats, like the IDA Rise Elite, that have an even closer fit. 

WMNSFIT uses the same great last technology and is perfect for our tongue construction products, like the IDA Rise Club.

Also hot of the press.. we added a turf shoe to the IDA RIse family! We’re excited. 

YES! We love it! Our turf shoe has the same upper as the Rise Elite, but it has a rubber tread pattern optimized for use on those second generation (2G) carpet-like pitches. The great thing about these shoes though is that they are super versatile and can even be used on 3G or dry natural grass. We’ve heard that younger players love these for their versatility and older players love the cushioning these shoes provide to their joints. It’s a great boot to have in your lineup! 

When does it make sense to switch from FG/AG cleats to turfs? 

This definitely depends on a combination of factors like facility rules, quality of the pitch, and personal preference! Some indoor facilities (even though they might have 3G artificial grass (AG)) prefer players to wear turfs, or even restrict players from wearing cleats at all. And if a facility doesn’t have any guidance, then you might have to make your own informed decision to best support your body! 

If you are playing on a 2G artificial turf (carpet-like) surface that feels quite hard when you jump and land on it, we definitely recommend you wear turfs. Additionally, you may also want to wear turfs on those worn out 3G pitches that haven’t been well maintained as well as on very dry (and very hard) natural grass. This is because turfs have built in cushioning to soften the load to your body that FG/AG cleats don’t have!

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Overall, how does the fit of the Rise family compare to that of the Classica family? 

Our wear testers described the Rise family, especially the Rise Elite, as a streamlined fit that still gave them plenty of space in the toebox but made them feel agile and light on their toes. While the Rise is generally a standard-to-slightly-narrower fit due to its sock construction, the Classica allows for a slightly wider fit due to the tongue construction and malleability of the leather. The Classica provides a snug and secure fit that “honestly feels like you are wearing slippers”! Rise Club consumers also suit a slightly wider fit as well as those with orthotics as you can open up the tongue. 

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