Calling all boot nerds and cleat geeks! We’re here to give you a little more insight into what’s new with our latest Spring 2024 drop. From structure to style, there are some changes to get excited about and Emelia, Laura, and Alex from the IDA design team have the deets. 


The Classica is back! Tell us what’s new (starting with the obvious) …COLOR! 

Yes! The all black and white colorways with the gold accents and IDA logo are super clean and sharp. We had a bajillion requests for a white Classica so it was definitely top of the priority list to bring that to you all.

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Beyond color, what else is new about the IDA Classica this year? 

We updated the tongue design a bit with extra padding, which is one of those tiny details you may never notice but helps with comfort. The toe features a new stitch pattern for optimal grip at the strike zones and great comfort around the pinky toes. We also added a new scalloped eye stay for better lockdown to secure the foot in place. Plus an injection-molded heel counter for even more support and stability!

It looks a little slimmer. Is it lighter too? How does that impact performance and comfort?

It’s still a comfy leather cleat, but we’ve definitely slimmed down materials in this version of the Classica so it’s lighter weight! We’ve removed some of the padding in the toe box and utilized some lighter weight layers in the quarter panels as well for improved touch on the ball. You should feel a more enhanced ball control as there are fewer layers in the vamp. Despite these light weight changes, we’ve also improved durability at the toebox! 

Will it fit differently? 

While this new Classica is a little less bulky in the toe box, it has the same malleability that will allow the shoe to mold to your foot after a few wears. We also added a different heel counter to add additional shape to the heel space so that should hug the back of your foot. 

Compared to our first Classica (for all you OGs in the IDA fam), this updated version will give you a bit more width at the ball of the foot and alleviate pressure on those toes.

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Is it still as comfortable as the original with these changes? 

Arguably, according to our team and testers: EVEN MORE SO! We couldn’t believe it either. We made an even comfier, hug-your-foot, run-on-a-cloud, IDA Classica. 

How much of the IDA Classica is leather?

The toe box and side panels are full grain leather and run into a synthetic heel piece. The tongue has a new scalloped edge and is the softest leather for your feet. 

Anything else new worth adding for all of us shoe nerds out there? 

We’ve moved the Classica onto our new soleplate (first seen on the Rise) and made some changes to optimize the stud configuration. We found that our Classica customers really loved the softness of the leather and the snugness of the shoe so that your toes can fit in but also be loved by the boot. 


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