The circumference and weight of a soccer ball varies depending on the age of the players. There are technically five sizes available, though the most commonly used sizes are 3, 4, and 5, with Size 5 being the official ball of professional and adult soccer.  

Size 5

Age 12+

27” - 28” circumference 

Size 4

Age 8-12

25” - 26” circumference 

Size 3

Under 8

23” - 24” circumference 


The huge range in pricing of soccer balls comes down to its construction. On a high-end soccer ball, the panels are often stitched together and the lining has more layers for improved durability and shape. In contrast, lower end soccer balls, which are great for beginners and practice, often have a thinner lining and use glue to hold the panels together.


Pump → Be the hero of your team and always carry a hand pump and needle in your bag! 

Ball Bag →  If carrying it under your arm becomes a nuisance, many bags and backpacks are built specifically for soccer players with a special compartment for your ball. 


Bring It Inside → While most soccer balls should be able to withstand a rainy, muddy game, it’s never good for your equipment to spend unnecessary hours outside in the elements. 

Don’t Sit On It → You will hear your coaches say this over and over again! The more you sit on the ball, the more lop-sided it becomes, and the less predictable the spin and your passes become. 


Soccer balls can cost anywhere from $20 - $100+.