There are generally two types of soccer socks for women. There are:

Match Socks → Long enough to go all the way up to the knee and cover your shin pads.  

Training Socks → Shorter than match socks and often only go halfway up the calf. Best for non-contact training sessions where you have less chance of injury to the shin. 



Sizing → When it comes to finding the best football socks for women, size matters. If your socks are too big, the extra fabric could impact the fit of your boots and give you blisters. Check Ida's sizing guide and base your selection off your shoe size.

Comfort → Some higher quality socks will offer extra padding under the sole and heel of the foot for greater comfort and durability. 

Grip → Some players wear speciality soccer grip socks or football grip socks and then cutting the feet off their game socks before sliding them over their shin guards like a sleeve. While this has become a popular aesthetic among many players, be sure to check with your parents or coaches before cutting up any game socks!

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Tape → Some players choose to use tape on their socks to keep slip-in shin pads from falling down. There is specific soccer shin pad tape and football shin pad tape out there nowadays, but general athletic tape will do the trick as well.

Boots with Socks →While not exactly an accessory, many brands now offer football boots with ankle socks built-in that make your boot feel even more like a natural extension of your foot. 

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As mentioned in our guide on choosing the right shin-pads, we recommend wearing your socks over your shin guards. Whether you choose to stretch the sock all the way above your knee or fold it just below… that’s up to you! 


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