At IDA we know that to make great strides, you need great boots. Which is why we reimagined women's soccer shoes from the ground up.

No Men’s. No Kids.
No Unisex.

Men’s and women’s feet are fundamentally different. Yet the industry standard for women’s boots is still "shrink it and pink it". Playing through black toes, blisters and body aches, all because your boots were made for boys? We say that’s not good enough.

Made For Women,
By Women

When we set out to build IDA, we went straight to the source to ask women what they wanted. The result? A cleat built just for women’s feet, with a whole lot of science to back it up.
The differences IDA Unisex
Foot shape
Female feet tend to be more triangular in shape compared to male feet which are more rectangular.
Arch Support
Designed with more arch support to minimise unnecessary foot pain and keep that ankle from collapsing inwards.
Pressure load consideration
Women carry their body weight differently so we customized our stud configuration for absorbing weight-bearing pressure
Traction for multi-directional movement
Designed with the intent to support female athletes’ biomechanics and reduce rotational traction on various surfaces.
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