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IDA Sports Unveils Groundbreaking Women's Soccer Footwear: A Fusion of Performance, Purpose, and Injury Prevention

Women in Soccer’s Rachel LaSala Joins IDA as Chief Operating Officer

IDA Sports - an athletic footwear brand dedicated to prioritizing high performance and comfortable gear for women and girls - is thrilled to announce the launch of its Spring/Summer soccer cleat line. These revolutionary soccer shoes are designed to empower athletes while addressing the unique challenges women and girls face, including ACL injuries.

As the first company to build soccer footwear for women from the ground up, the Rise, Classica and Spirit lines embody a perfect fusion of cutting edge technology, unparalleled performance, and a deep commitment to ensuring female athletes’ specific needs are prioritized. Crafted with precision and care with researchers and soccer players, these cleats are engineered to provide comfort and support, providing athletes with the gear they need to reach new heights in performance.

“We are not just creating a soccer cleat or boot; we are addressing a critical issue. Female athletes, especially in soccer, face unique challenges, and we want to be part of the solution,” says Founder and CEO Laura Youngson. “Our latest footwear lineup is not only about performance and style, it's about empowering women and girls to play the game they love without unnecessary risks. Put simply, the era of ‘pink it and shrink it’ is over. We deserve better; IDA is delivering better.”

Key new updates to the Rise, Classica and Spirit lines include:

Innovative Design: Sleek and modern design, utilizing advanced materials for durability, comfort, and performance and including bold, on-trend new colors.

Enhanced Traction: Specially designed for less heel slip, more stability and greater heel lockdown to ensure maximum traction on various playing surfaces, with a custom stud configuration intended to optimize traction for female biomechanics and fast-paced movements on the field.

Customized Fit: These cleats are engineered with a focus on comfort and fit, ensuring that every player can perform at her best without any compromises. The latest line includes improved flex for reduced toe pressure, updated lining for reduced abrasion and adjusted tongue pattern for reduced irritation. 

“Over the last couple of years, I’ve been watching IDA tackle the biggest issues our industry faces right now — specifically addressing the reality that women and girls have higher susceptibility to ACL injuries,” says Rachel LaSala, Chief Operating Officer. “During my time at Women in Soccer, we heard from so many women struggling to find sportswear equipment, brands, and resources generally that recognized that their needs are different and worthy of tailored products and services. The new lineup was built with sports medicine experts and athletes to take proactive steps to mitigate ACL injury risk through thoughtful design and engineering and make these athletes feel truly considered.”

Beginning February 5, 2024, IDA Sports spring/summer 2024 shoes are available online for purchase on and through select retail partners, including Dick’s Sporting Goods

Join IDA Sports in revolutionizing the world of women's soccer, providing greater choice and access to the best equipment, promoting injury prevention, and giving players more options when it comes to comfortable and well-fitting footwear.

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