Sometimes it feels like everyone is talking about the 50th Anniversary of Title IX this summer, and sometimes it feels like no one is. Well, we're here to shout about it in a big way.

We're proud to drop our first ever retro kit, and we're even more proud that the jersey celebrates the 50th anniversary of such a monumental moment in women's sports. 

"Title IX" is the federal law in the US that prohibits sex discrimination in any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance, and it was passed 50 years ago on June 23,1972. Despite varying levels of enforcement over the years, it marks a major turning point for women and girls in having equal access and opportunity to participate in sport.

To this day, barriers continue to exist for women and girls in sport and basic equipment is a big part of that. That's why we've decided to donate 50% of proceeds to the Sports Bra Project, who seeks to reduce the participation gap in sports through global access to sports bras. 

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The Title IX 50th Anniversary Commemorative Kits are available online exclusively at and, and only 150 kits will be released worldwide. 


The retro design is a nod to the women who have come before us these last 50 years. It honors the change-makers who pushed for this legislation to exist, who seized the opportunity to play in new leagues and teams around the country, and who continued to fight for its enforcement at the local and national level. 

The wave print represents the ripples that women have made in their local communities to build the wave of change we're seeing today. Every ripple contributes to a wider movement, and no ripple is too small to make. 

The crest celebrates the 50th anniversary of Title IX and visually depicts IDA's mantra to "Make Waves. Move Mountains". The waves represent the ebbs and flows and the rising tide of a movement. The mountains represents the heights to which we are willing to climb to push for systemic change. 

From protests flags to political fashion statements, the colors of purple, white and gold, have come to represent the women's movement for over 100 years. The varying shades of purple are a reminder that women come in all shapes, sizes, and expressions, and to never paint something with a single brush.

The rallying cry, "Make Waves Move Mountains" is also imprinted on the inside of the shirt. It is a call to action to be the ripples in our local communities that collectively make waves across the world and move seemingly unmovable mountains. Stand up, speak up, make noise, make change. 

The woven label of the left sleeve is tagged '72, commemorating the year Title IX went into effect, and the right sleeve is tagged '22 to honor the 50th anniversary. 



Maybe you're an IDA fan... maybe you want to support the Sports Bra Project... maybe you're a "Title IX baby"... or maybe you just want to show up and show out for women and girls and sports... either way, this kit is for you. 

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multiple photos of young woman wearing ida sports title ix 50th anniversary jersey while holding a soccer ball and playing soccer