Warming up before practice or games is so important and the degree to which it is taken seriously varies from player to player and team to team. Let’s face it… we all know (or have beenthe player who just goes through the motions while chatting with friends. 

The importance of a good warmup can’t be understated though. But just what type of warmup is actually effective at getting you ready to play and can it reduce your risk of injury? 

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One of the most commonly used and standardized warmups for soccer players is the FIFA 11+ which, according to the FIFA Medical Assessment and Research Centre (F-MARC), has been proven in multiple research studies to reduce injuries and enhance performance. It is especially relevant for female athletes age 13-18 who are at greater risk of major injury such as ACL tears.

What are the 3 parts of the FIFA 11+ warmup? 

  • Part 1 – Running Exercises (slow speed) & Stretching
  • Part 2 – Strength, Plyometrics, & Balance
  • Part 3 – Running Exercises (mod/high speed) & Agility  

Note that only the running exercises in parts 1 and 3 should be performed prior to games. 

What makes the FIFA 11+ warmup effective?

  • Consistency – do it multiple times per week, every week
  • Quality – make sure you focus on good form when performing the exercises

What are the performance benefits of the FIFA 11+ warmup? Studies show improved…

  • Neuromuscular control
  • Hamstring to quads strength ratios
  • Jumping and agility 
  • Balance

    >> Download a PDF of the FIFA 11+ warm up here or watch the videos below: