At IDA, we specialize in creating women’s specific soccer cleats (or football boots, depending on where you are in the world). That being said, our cleats and shoes do work well for many other sports and activities, and we love to hear from athletes repping the #IDAWAVE in their non-soccer worlds! Here are some of the most common sports we’ve heard from…  

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1. Flag Football

Yes, really! We love hearing from women are are hitting the field to play this classic American sport that has historically been restricted to men. Both tackle and flag football are growing in popularity among women, with the latter requiring even more agility and cutting movements, and thus optimal traction. 


2. Aussie Football Rules (AFL) 

If you’re not familiar with AFL, we highly recommend looking it up on YouTube. It’s an incredible combination of tackling, kicking, throwing, running, dribbling, and punting. In fact, some of the first athletes to wear IDA cleats were AFL players. IDAs have even been worn in the AFLW Grand Final! 

3. Rugby

Cleat preference among rugby players ranges from player to player, often based on position or most common field type. While some players prefer a soft-ground (SG) style cleat, others have found comfort and support in the IDA Rise or IDA Classica Firm Ground (FG) cleats, which are also optimal for Artificial Grass (AG) if you find yourself playing on 3G turf fields. 


4. Ultimate Frisbee

Similar to soccer, ultimate frisbee is often played on both natural grass and artificial turf fields which makes IDA women’s cleats ideal for traction and movement, as the studs on our cleats are optimal for both FG and AG surfaces. 

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5. Crossfit

We have heard from many athletes who have found the IDA Spirit indoor soccer shoe to also be the perfect CrossFit shoe. It checks out, because the IDA Spirit is the ultimate go-anywhere-do-anything shoe. From futsal, to indoor soccer, to long airport travel days, to the gym… the IDA Spirit makes for a great women’s training sneaker! 


6. Quadball

Formerly known as “Quidditch”, the sport inspired by the world of Harry Potter has grown in popularity over the years from college campuses to formal leagues and tournaments. As it’s typically played on grass or artificial turf, our FG/AG cleats offer great traction for players in search of the Golden Snitch. 


7. Lacrosse

While we have heard from many lacrosse players requesting a lacrosse-specific cleat (we hear you! we really do!), we also hear from lacrosse players who are happily repping our FG/AG women's cleats for their clubs and universities! Often played on turf fields, it's important to ensure you have optimal traffic for all of that cutting and turning. 



So there you have it! Seven of the most common non-soccer sports where IDAs are being worn. Did we miss a sport? Let us know where ELSE you wear your IDAs! 

Do you wish IDA made footwear for your favorite sport? Share it in this survey! We’re always up for hearing from women and girls in any and all sports.