The Soccer Tournament is the greatest soccer tournament you, may or may not, have ever heard of. TST as it’s known as, is in its second year and attracting the curiosities and of thousands in North Carolina and beyond. From former pros to celebrities to everyday challengers, the quest for a $1 MILLION prize (yes, you read that correctly) takes this tournament to unprecedented heights. 

Amidst the celebrity fanfare, there's one team in the first ever women's bracket that's shaking things up. SoccerHeadFC is a group of former pros and college athletes looking to make a splash on the pitch and we were stoked to be able to equip them with pairs of our women's specific soccer cleats and indoor soccer shoes to rep down in Raleigh. We sat down with team captain, Gilda Doria, to learn more about their team and journey to The Soccer Tournament.

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10. In your own words, what is the premise behind The Soccer Tournament?

Current and former pro players from around the world compete in a 7v7 tournament with unique rules, drawing thousands of fans in person, and millions tuning in to watch from Raleigh, NC. Besides the world-renowned players in attendance, the best and most exciting brands in the industry will be on display throughout the arena the entire weekend.

9. What made you want to start a team and how did you get involved? 

My co-founder, Scott Baker, and I initially wanted to find a way to build brand awareness for our startup. More than that however, we saw it as a really unique opportunity to give women who had to leave the game for financial stability in corporate America a chance to show the world that they ‘still got it.’

This is a group of talented women who have not only made a name for themselves on the field but in business as well. They were once faced with the difficult decision between pursuing the dream of playing pro or financial stability in Corporate America. This is their Take 2 Moment to prove they can compete with the best. 

8. Where did the name SoccerHeadFC come from? 

SoccerHead is the name of our startup so we thought it would be clever to make it SoccerHead FC to keep consistency. Coming Soon: SoccerHead is a platform to connect talent with the people and resources needed to get to the next level.

7. How did you recruit for your team? What level of play are you expecting from the cup? 

The team consists of players from top professional teams and D1 schools, and they’re ready to fiercely step back onto the field and prove they have what it takes to play for the $1million prize. We are taking on an underdog mentality - high pressure, possession attack. We will attack with numbers and free style in the attacking third.

6. What message are you hoping to send as a team? 

We want to share about the growth of the game and to keep supporting its growth. Our team would’ve probably still been playing professionally if it wasn’t for the lack of support the game used to have on the women’s side. It is our responsibility now to make sure now other girls never have to make the decision of corporate America or following their dreams! 

5. Are you more excited or nervous to play against professional teams and former US internationals? 

Definitely nerves and excitement. It’s exciting for many of us to take the pitch again for high stakes. The prize is up for grabs with only 8 teams in the tournament. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

4. Have you or your teammates ever played in front of this many fans? 

The women on the team all come from professional and national team levels of play. We are excited to hop back into this environment as our 9-5 jobs look a little different :)

3. What advice would you give to a younger you about the game of soccer (or the game of life!)? 

It’s all about the journey, not the destination. High achievers usually get to their accomplishment and then start thinking about what they can accomplish next. It’s important to recognize this and really enjoy the ups and downs throughout to get you to where you want to go.

2. Why were you excited to partner with IDA? 

We wanted to partner with brands that really believe in women as a whole and complement the amazing things women bring to the table. IDA really embodies this as they have invested in research and science to create the best and most comfortable cleats specifically for women unlike many other brands that just ’shrink it and pink it.’

1. What are your go-to IDAs?

I don’t go anywhere without my IDA indoors! It got me through winter training in Boston.

The Soccer Tournament is broadcast on ESPN from June 5-10. Tune in and spot IDA with the SoccerHeadFC team!