Women’s soccer is full of amazing players. But anybody who has ever played knows that a player is only as good as the shoes they wear. That’s why we design women’s football boots and women’s soccer shoes with female players at the forefront of our minds. 

One question we get a lot is “what’s the difference between men’s soccer boots and women’s soccer boots?”. The short answer, a lot of small and subtle things. Here are the four key things to know:


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1. Size

Most obviously, women tend to have different sized feet to men and children yet we often wear cleats that are slightly too small (children’s) or too large (men’s) in order to access different color ways, or because there are no women’s soccer cleats available at all. 
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2. Shape

Women’s foot arch height is different to men’s, which also makes the the lateral side of the foot, the toes, and the heels of women’s feet different to men’s. Our women’s soccer cleats are designed to grip your heels and support your arches and toes. The front of our women’s boots is also wider compared to the heel of men’s boots, allowing for a wider toe box.
“Having a thinner heel makes a big difference for most players, who feel like they're slipping on the boot. For me, there was an impact on the change of direction, acceleration and deceleration.” -- Kat Goff, Gold Coast United

3. Pressure Loads

Because women and men have different body sizes and shapes, our pressure loads are different. For example, women’s hips are generally set slightly wider apart which is hugely important when considering soccer boot stud placement. Tailored stud configuration on women’s football boots results in reduced pressure on the sesamoid bone. When studs are in the wrong place (or designed for men’s pressure loads), it can lead to metatarsalgia or ankle sprains.

4. Traction for Multi-Direction Movement 

IDA's women’s soccer boots are designed to better support the cutting motions needed when playing. If you’re wearing men’s football boots when darting quickly in different directions, your body will compensate in places the boots are not. Over time, this fatigues your body’s muscles and could increase the risk of injury.
“Awesome Boots. I was very skeptical to buy boots online, as I usually have to try on multiple pairs of boots and compare before I find the right ones, but these boots fit me perfectly! They are incredibly comfortable from the moment you put them on your feet, and you can tell just by looking at them that they are good quality. They feel so much more supportive than other boots that I have previously owned, and got through a preseason and summer soccer competition with no issues at all! They look amazing and they feel amazing, I definitely recommend!” -- Sophie Scott
At IDA, we focus on making the best soccer boots for women because we think there are enough men’s football boots out there already.
“I love these boots! They are so incredibly comfortable and I really look forward to stepping into them before training. A lot of boots don't feel as comfortable or supportive due to how thin and stiff they can feel but this is not the case with the IDA boot. They are so soft and give your foot a huge hug! They are so supportive around the ankle and allow for good change of direction. I am such a fan of the clean and chic design. I would highly recommend!'  --Tash Rigby, Perth Glory FC Captain
You can watch our Co-Founder, Laura break it down further on IGTV or check out a pair of IDA cleats for yourself!