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1880x970 px

Why Now

Why not now? We believe that women and girls have waited long enough to be prioritized by sportswear companies. It’s past time that we provide female athletes with real choice when it comes to the gear that keeps them going. In fact, we even think they deserve a product that’s tailored for their unique bodies and puts comfort, fit, and quality above all else. So just as men’s kits have been designed with their health, anatomy, and performance in-mind for years and years and years, we want, need, and deserve our kit to be designed specifically to support us in our athletic pursuits as well.

Why Us

Why not us? No, really. Why should we sit around and wait for better to arrive? That’s exactly the question our co-founders Laura Youngson and Ben Sandhu pondered a few years ago after a world-record breaking trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro with Equal Playing Field Initiative. Sometimes if you want something to get done, you just need to do it yourself. We didn’t do it alone though. We built this with you and with you in mind. We spent hours and hours (...and hours...and hours) reading medical journals, interviewing podiatrists and physios, and speaking directly to players from the grassroots to the professional level.
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