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Ida Squad

The Ida Squad is a diverse community of brand ambassadors eager to share Goal Five's products and mission to celebrate and elevate female athletes.


Ida Ambassadors are enthusiastic representatives of Ida's brand and mission. They are passionate about sharing Ida with their in-person and virtual communities while supporting women and girls in sport every day. Ida Squad is made up of athletes, leaders, activists, and community builders who believe in the power and impact of creating equal opportunities in sports for all.

Who you are

An enthusiastic and active user of Instagram and other social media channels with a public account. A passionate fan of Ida’s apparel, brand, & mission. A creator whose content is highly-engaging, inspiring, and fun. A mission-driven individual passionate about movement/activity and supporting women's sports. Based in the US, AU, or UK.


Exclusive access to discounted footwear. Opportunity to earn commission on footwear sales (affiliates basically) Engage with network of women looking to change the game!
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