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Location: AUS-Melbourne
Duration: 1 year (with potential to extend)
Type: Contract // 4 days a week (0.8 FTE)

Ida Sports is a female sports footwear company from Melbourne, Australia and is on a mission to make the best boots in the world for female athletes. We have spent the last 3  years working with podiatrists, physiotherapists, coaches, and hundreds of female players to develop a boot designed specifically for females. We are dedicated to gender equality, empowering women and girls in sport and ensuring everyone has the right to enjoy the game they love.

We have a distributed team working in Melbourne & Perth (Australia), East Coast US and London (UK). We’ve built a great company culture working remotely and enjoy bringing our full selves to work in the Ida fam.  

The role:

We are looking for an E-commerce coordinator to embrace our inventory and online systems and bring happiness and delight to our customers. The role is part-time with flexible hours and is mostly remote. We expect the successful candidate to be based in metropolitan Melbourne. 

If you get excited by the following, this is probably the role for you:

"I’m sure there’s a Zapier for that. Let me figure this out.”

“Hi Chelsea, let me dig into that sizing query for you”. 

"I don’t know why that last email campaign didn’t perform but I looked at the data and I think we should try this".

“I looked at our GA and saw that we could adjust these parameters on the website”. 


As the E-commerce coordinator, you will be responsible for ensuring our inventory is sound and our customers are happy. 

20% Order, Fulfillment & Inventory Management 

  • Ensure all product information is up to date on the website and in our product database according to our checklist (eg HTS codes, SKUs, Barcodes etc)
  • Manage the presentation of shipping options for customers aligned to shipping provider costs
  • Work with fulfillment teams to ensure orders are fulfilled quickly and accurately, and route orders between countries where required
  • Manage the consolidated inventory view and inventory transfers from suppliers to warehouse and between warehouses
  • Work with mktg around product and website copy, seo and visuals

20% Customer Service

  • Respond to customer inquiries and customer reviews
  • Process returns, exchanges and refunds
  • Report key customer issues back to product design and development team

20% Email Marketing

  • Work with the marketing team to build email campaigns and drive sales online. 
  • Build out our email automation and DRIP campaigns to move customers through the purchase funnel. 

20% Reporting & Analysis

  • Utilize Google Analytics and other native tools to provide weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports on website and user activity at every stage of the funnel.
  • Analyze website UX and make recommendations for improving the path to conversion.

20% Cross Departmental Support 

  • Work cross functionally with marketing, operations, and design teams to support the above job responsibilities. From uploading product copy to the website to requesting images from design to include in an email marketing campaign.
  • Depending on experience, potential to support SEM and Paid Social strategies as well.

A sample day might include: 

  • Reviewing a spreadsheet to confirm the number of products shipping to 10 locations
  • Building a dashboard to better review and analyse data 
  • Giving our website the once-over to see if all the product categories and information is still correct
  • Diving into customer service tickets and feeling awesome when you’ve answered or triaged all queries
  • Doing a deep dive on our GA to improve our product conversion
  • A/B testing a solution to improve cart conversion
  • Learning about a new tool, analysing its usefulness and bringing your recommendations to our team
  • High-fiving the team through Zoom whilst you’re drinking your morning coffee

Experience and skills:

You have a combination of 2-4 years experience in data analysis and e-commerce, as well as experience in customer service. 

The ideal candidate will be proficient in, and enjoy doing: 

  • Data Nerdy things: We are looking for a self-described detail obsessed, data nerd! You love diving into the data and you know your way around every corner of Google Analytics. Our team has a top level understanding of GA and you have the ability to get even more granular to guide strategy and decision making. 
  • Detailed things: You are hyper-attentive to detail and can spot dead links and website inconsistencies in both the frontend and backend. Details matter. You love absorbing information, making connections and optimising. 
  • Customer happiness things: You gotta like people. You will build relationships with customers as you resolve their queries and turn them into fans for life. 
  • Strategic things: You are both strategic and empathetic in your analysis of data, especially when reviewing and making recommendations around website UX and design. In this space, done is better than perfect. 
  • The Medium of Email: You have experience with email automation and building DRIP campaigns to move customers through the purchase funnel. We use Hubspot and Mailchimp currently, but your experience can be with other similar ECRM tools (you know what ECRM means).

Bonus skills and interests:

  • Startup experience (or ready to take the plunge from corporate); 
  • Shopify experience and a willingness to learn more about the platform; 
  • Ability and interest to get involved in other aspects of other business; and,
  • This is a soccer-focused company so we are ultimately looking for someone who is equally passionate about the game and the mission of Ida Sports to empower female athletes (we're on a mission to change the game for women in sport. It's more than just a shoe).

We’re a small but growing company which means you should be prepared to improve current systems and build new systems. You should be comfortable with constant change and ambiguity, while simultaneously helping us plan further ahead and constantly improve processes. You should be ready to get scrappy, own your world, and take initiative to get things done. Challenges are seen as opportunities and your growth mindset helps you to learn anything new that you don't already know. We are global which means the occasional meeting at weird hours, but we try to keep these to a minimum. There is also room to grow within the company and this position! 

Other Details:

Benefits: Y (Super)

How To Apply: 

Email by March 11, 2022 with Email Subject Line as “E-COMMERCE COORDINATOR - APPLICANT NAME” Please include your resume and a cover letter that states 1) why you are interested in working for Ida Sports and 2) what specific qualities you will bring to this role (tangible or intangible).

Ida Sports is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, gender identity, marital or veteran status, or any other protected characteristic protected by law.