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Location:         London (UK) 
Duration:         2 year contract with potential to extend 

Ida Sports is a female sports footwear company from Melbourne, Australia and is on a mission to make the best boots in the world for female athletes. We have spent the last 4 years working with podiatrists, physiotherapists, coaches, and hundreds of female players to develop a boot designed specifically for females. We are dedicated to gender equality, empowering women and girls in sport and ensuring everyone has the right to enjoy the game they love.

We have a distributed team working in Melbourne & Perth (Australia), East Coast US and London (UK). We’ve built a great company culture working remotely and enjoy bringing our full selves to work in the Ida fam.  

The Role:

We are looking for an exceptional Chief of Staff to support the business as it grows. The role will be full-time with flexible hours. The role would suit someone who loves getting stuck in, can triage complex problems and enjoys the unknown. 

If you get excited by the following, this is probably the role for you:

“What problem are we trying to solve? Let’s develop a process to figure this complex thing out”

“We need to figure out how to scan 20 feet and collate the results for a new shoe”

“I’ve written that presentation that you didn’t even know you needed and I’ll represent at the group meeting”

“I’ve analysed the budget and we have £X left to spend. I think we would get a good ROI if we did this thing”. 

“I’ve spoken to that lead you gave me, I followed up and have determined the next steps”. 


As the Chief of Staff, you are responsible for translating the vision of the founders into practical, actionable steps. You’ll work closely with the Senior Team to deliver projects that grow the company. 

  • 60% Management, tracking and implementation of Special Projects
    • Project Managing key special projects such as setting up a US company, developing a research partnership with key FAs, submitting grant applications and setting strategic goals. 
    • Managing other members of the Ida team. 
    • Triaging and assessing opportunities as they arise. 
    • Tracking high priority initiatives, budgets, producing analysis reports and identifying any obstacles. 
    • Assisting with fundraising and pitch decks. 
    • Pulling together and managing project teams that require input from multiple areas within the company
  • 30% Project-Managing a Government Research Project
    • Manage a team of 4 part-time and full-time researchers, engagement officers and admin assistants
    • Translate the high-level project plan into an actionable, insight-driven detailed plan with key stage gates
    • Liaise with key stakeholders in the consortium
    • Develop research protocols in conjunction with key advisors
    • Learn and deploy design thinking and service design skills to augment the junior researchers
  • 10% Miscellaneous System Optimisation
    • Improving processes within the business. 
    • Developing staff experience within the business and running recruitment processes for future staff.
    • Anticipating the next stage of growth of the company and adjusting strategy accordingly. 


A sample day might include: 

  • Briefing key stakeholders and advisors on the latest research. 
  • Checking in on your team.
  • Liaising between our UK and US accountants to determine next steps on a project. 
  • Talking to a customer about their insights and feeding that into our research. 
  • Saying no to a project. Saying no is as important as saying yes in this role. 
  • High-fiving the team through Zoom whilst you’re drinking your morning coffee

Experience and skills:

 The ideal candidate will be proficient in, and enjoy doing: 

  • Getting-stuck-in-things: You are willing to roll your sleeves up, dive into a spreadsheet and solve a problem. 
  • Tricky & complex things: There’s not always a right answer and you must use your judgment and experience to work through problems. 
  • Action-y things: You think strategically but have a bias to action as there is never enough time to dwell working in a startup. You find that zen balance. 
  • Admin-y things: You know that a clean company storage system is a happy company storage system. You enjoy putting things in order and ensuring reports are submitted, bills are paid and everything is as it should be. You get a little twitchy if tasks aren’t completed. 
  • Managerial things: You love bringing the best out of people. You inspire your team to be awesome, you delegate effectively and you give well thought out feedback.  

Who you are as a person:

  • You GSD for everything. Your rate of solving problems is high and you get excited by a tough challenge; 
  • You care deeply about the people around you in the team and as a senior staff member are able to support other members of the team; and 
  • You are able to represent the company in everything from high-level meetings to highschool tournaments. 

Bonus skills and interests:

  • Startup experience (or ready to take the plunge from corporate);
  • Ability and interest to get involved in other aspects of other business; 
  • An affinity for numbers and squared budgets;
  • An American in the UK (or someone who deeply understands the US market); and,
  • This is a football-focused company so we are ultimately looking for someone who is equally passionate about the game and the mission of Ida Sports to empower female athletes (we're on a mission to change the game for women in sport. It's more than just a shoe).

We’re a small but growing company which means you should be prepared to build systems while remaining flexible enough to pivot quickly. The right person should be comfortable with constant change and ambiguity, while simultaneously helping us plan further ahead and constantly improve processes. You should be ready to get scrappy, own your world, and take initiative to get things done. Challenges are seen as opportunities and your growth mindset helps you to learn anything new that you don't already know.

Other Details:

Rate:               £50-£55k per annum

Benefits:          Y (pension contribution)

Start Date:       mid-May 2022

Offer subject to confirmation of UK Grant funding in April 2022. 


How To Apply: 

Email by 19/04/2022. Please include your resume, LinkedIn profile and a cover letter that states 1) why you are interested in working for Ida Sports and 2) what specific qualities you will bring to this role (tangible or intangible).

Ida Sports is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, gender identity, marital or veteran status, or any other protected characteristic protected by law.