You Asked, We Listened!

Update: Our crowdfunding campaign was backed over 140% and the Ida Spirit Indoor Futsal Shoes are officially heading to women's feet around the world! Claim your pair here.

Can you believe that we launched our outdoor football boot just over a year ago? Despite a difficult 2020 in so many ways, our silver lining has been connecting with this community who shares our desire to give more choice to underserved athletes.

We are super excited to introduce our latest release: the world’s comfiest futsal/court shoe for womenOur presale is live now over at Indiegogo and it will open through the end of April. Act fast for the best deals!

In the short history of our company, we’ve made a huge difference to female footballers’ lives; making blisters, sore feet and black toes a thing of the past. Now we want to bring the positive impact of our boots from the grass pitches to the futsal court. By supporting us, you’ll not only be doing your feet a favour, you’ll be helping us expand the impact we’re having in women’s football! 

So are men's and women's feet really that different?

Short answer... yes!

The differences are small but have a huge impact on comfort, fit, and injury prevention. Women’s feet tend to be smaller, have a different length to width ratio in the toes, and are narrower at the heel. We have done extensive research with athletes, physiotherapists, and podiatrists to construct our cleats and now a futsal boot that accommodate the higher arch, wider hips, and unique pressure loads that women have compared to men.

what's the difference between men's and women's feet? big toe is shallower, inside line more curved, arch is higher, foot is small for body height, outside length of foot is shorterwhite indoor soccer shoe features a wider toe box, narrower heel cup to avoid blisters, higher arch for enhanced comfort

What to love about our new indoors:

indoor shoe features suede heel for grip on that cheeky backheel, custom rubber panel for pop and surface grip, women's specific fit and outsole indoor shoe features suede toe for extra touch of control, breathable tongue with fresh design, pull tab for easy on and off

Get your pair today over at

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