We’re Coming to America

That’s right, Ida Squad! After a challenging, rewarding, and downright weird year, things are looking up for women’s footwear in 2021. If you’ve ever gone looking for women’s cleats online only to find that your “best” option is to size down men’s cleats or go for the kids’ sizes… those days are done. 

We’re so excited to share that our boots (or should we say cleats) are available in the US via select retailers. Both our Red Dust and Sky Blue firm ground cleats are sold online in the full range of sizes while they last. And yes, we will now be using “boots” and “cleats” interchangeably from here on out in honor of our American friends. ;)  

Current Retailers:

If you’re new to the Ida family, here’s a little background to get you up to speed: 

  • We started three years ago on the back of a Guinness World Record with Equal Playing Field Initiative to highlight gender inequality in sport.

  • We then spent two years working with leading athletes and clinicians to develop a women’s specific soccer cleat. 

  • We launched our cleats in Australia right in the middle of a global pandemic (yikes!).

  • But have nearly sold out our first production run despite 2020 being 2020.

  • And now, we’re coming to America! 

If you’re as excited as we are, let your friends in the US know that they can finally get their hands on soccer cleats designed by women for women... because yes, our feet are different! 

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