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The commemorative jersey is meant to both celebrate the stride we have made via the work of trailblazers before us.

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what players are saying

Ida Classica 22

Ohhh! So, comfy!

That's what my daughter shouted as she first put on the soccer cleats on. We have been having trouble finding wide enough shoes for her from the main manufacturers. They seem to have been made unnecessarily narrow. I felt the same way for my own soccer cleats. She is now enjoying wearing them during the practices. Her touches and shots seem to be better as well. Perhaps, wider shoes means wider area to contact the ball.
Ibrahim, United States

May 30, 2022

Ida Classica 22

Best and most comfortable boots I've ever worn.

Best and most comfortable boots I've ever worn. Played football for 15 years and now working in football, wearing my Ida's for 7-8 hours on game day.
Stella, Australia

Feb 1, 2022

Ida Classica 22

Everything that is promised

These boots are everything that is promised. Comfortable, perfect fit, excellent grip on ground and just all round perfect for my foot. Could not rate these boots high enough.
Emma, Australia

Jan 22, 2022

Best Boots I've Ever Worn

The best boots I’ve ever worn! Feel like clouds! Love the design and look of them too (red laces!)
Purchased: Ida Spirit
Gayatri, Australia

Most Comfortable Boots

Most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn, feels like I could run in them for days
Purchased: Ida Spirit
Charlotte, Sweden

Comfiest Boots I've Ever Worn

Felt like it was custom made specifically for my feet. Can't wait to play in these!
Purchased: Ida Classica
Aimee, USA

Best Boots Ever Owned

Also, the first women's boots I've ever owned. Can't get over how comfy they are - I always get pain/blisters on the balls of my feet after playing soccer/ultimate frisbee. IDA have rearranged the pattern of the studs under the ball of your foot to help distribute weight and pressure making it super comfy and easy to turn. The kangaroo leather makes them feel like slippers! Such a great investment.
Purchased: Ida Classica
Kate, Australia

Above and Beyond

Although our season has been postponed, I had a few months of preseason training to try them out. Whilst running laps with my team after a rainstorm, those of us who were wearing Ida boots, did not have soggy socks/feet! These boots are the absolute best!
Purchased: Ida Classica
Corinne, Australia

Incredibly Comfortable

These boots are incredibly comfortable and are like nothing I’ve ever worn before. They are somehow even more comfortable than regular shoes. I love them and I keep telling everyone I know about them!
Purchased: Ida Classica
Hannah, Australia


It's about design

It's not just marketing. It's not just "shrink it and pink it". It's female-specific design that caters to our unique biomechanics.

It's about choice

Unisex design is not enough for all athletes and often leads to preventable pain. So we created an alternative.

It's about players

Female athletes are not an afterthought. We're here to listen and to incorporate YOU into every step of our design process.

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